Human Concerns

The Human Concerns Committee consists of individuals from the parish community under the guidance of the

parish administration. The committee is focused on helping those who have limited resources or means to improve the conditions in which they live. With God’s help, our committee will continue to grow and achieve success. If there are any questions on how to help or if interested in donating your time, talents, or resources; please call Dave Whorrall 920-915-9930. God Bless You all!!!


Mission Statement

The Mission of the Human Concerns Committee is is to enlighten and support parishioners in opportunities to

bring God’s dignity and healthier environments to others within the parish and beyond.


Project San Pedro

Project San Pedro is a Human Concerns Mission associated with Holy Rosary Parish and the surrounding

communities working to help those in need in Honduras.


Project San Pedro focuses on three primary areas of need. One is a Nutrition Center which helps abandoned

infants and toddlers in need of medical or nutritional aid. Another is San Rafael, an orphanage which houses 24

children. San Rafael also operates a school that teaches an additional 85 area children who could not

otherwise afford an education. Project San Pedro also works to help a group of very dedicated doctors and

business people who operate the FundalCancer Foundation. This foundation offers mammograms and other

cancer-related services to some of the 7 million poor in Honduras.


Prior to the trip to Honduras in March 2009, we were very fortunate to receive many donations from New

Holstein and the surrounding communities. We were able to give hundreds of children a toy, stuffed animal,

rosary, school supplies, candy, or basic hygiene items during our visit. The positive impact was immediate,

gratifying, and very much appreciated.


Our trip was a successful first step in a continuing journey of spreading God's love and kindness to those less



We look forward to continued support of Project San Pedro from the community and welcome you to participate

in a truly heartwarming experience. Please click here to review our brochure and donation opportunities.